Your options for hair replacement systems

The various types of hair replacement systems are some of the best known anti-aging solutions on the market. New improvements in technology have not only made hair additions more natural, but have also opened the door to specialized treatments and surgeries to promote hair growth.

Many hair restoration systems today consist of different types of solutions that work together to deliver the fastest and most satisfying results. Personalization is also becoming a common practice these days as everyone responds differently to different treatments.
Custom hair additions

One of the most popular hair replacement systems available today are hair additions. The reason they are so popular  hair replacement systems  is because they provide an instant solution to hide hair loss. If you think they are those pieces that fly whenever there is a gust of wind, think again. New designs and materials are moving away from the unnatural wigs of the 80s. There are now pieces that can be fixed with semi-permanent bonding agents that offer safety and comfort. They allow the user to play sports, swim and even dive without any problems. Plus, hair additions now come with customization for individual preferences. The systems help maintain the natural look of the toupee or hair extension. You can customize the color of the hair addition to exactly match your natural hair color. You can also choose the texture that best suits your hair structure, be it smooth, wavy or curly.
Combined solutions for hair loss

While hair additions are perfect for “instant” coverage, some still want their hair to grow back. Topical, oral and medical treatments are often used as a system for best results. For example, minoxidil / (a ​​topical solution) and / or vitamin supplements can be used to stimulate hair growth, while a DHT blocker (a hair loss medicine) can be used to prevent hair loss.

Surgery is another option in hair replacement systems. You can opt for follicular unit extraction, in which follicular units are taken from other parts of the scalp and transferred to the bald parts. On the other hand, you can opt for scalp expansion, where a tissue expander is placed under the scalp to “stretch” existing hair down to bare areas to give the appearance of full locks. Although surgery may seem like an instant way to regain hair, it carries some risks due to its invasive nature. Therefore, choose your treatments wisely.