Sadigh Gallery – An Insight into The Valuable Art of Asia

When you think of ancient art and popular civilizations, you cannot ignore Asia’s richness and its contributions in the areas of culture to the world. Known for some of the most famous civilizations in the world, like the Chinese and Indian Civilizations, Asia has dominated the world of heritage and culture along with its European, African, and American counterparts.


Asia is huge and has a diverse territory with people speaking different languages, following diverse traditions, having specific food habits, and more. It is a region where cultures have grown individually to such an extent that they have also influenced each other to mix and merge in some areas. Today, one can get to see glimpses of this invaluable heritage and culture thanks to the presence of authentic art galleries committed to preserve and display this richness in the world.


Sadigh Gallery – A bounty of priceless artifacts for ancient art lovers


When it comes to ancient art and priceless artifacts from across the globe, Sadigh Gallery is a strong name to reckon with in New York, USA. It is a family-owned business that has been in existence for more than 40 years. When it comes to the arts and artifacts of Asia, it showcases the following-


  1. Buddha- This tradition is highly responsible for molding a vast part of the culture in Asia. Take a look at the Asian nations of India, China, and Japan. They are deeply rooted in Buddhism, one of the most popular religions with Hinduism. Thanks to seafaring and trade, Buddhism spread like wildfire in these nations. There is a deep reverence in worshippers to figures of Buddha that is highly popular even to this date. These statutes and figures are available in different sizes and shapes. They are displayed in multiple depictions that are unique to Asia. These statutes are well preserved in several art galleries like this one for people from across the globe to come and see.


  1. The Chinese Dragon- In the Feng Shui tradition in China, there is a mythological creature called the Chinese Dragon. You will often see Chinese Dragon dances, especially during the Chinese New Year, in nations worldwide. This Dragon has cultural significance and importance to the people of the region. It is believed that the home that keeps the Chinese Dragon brings in good fortune. This is why you often will see it made of gold, silver, and jade. These materials are precious for their physical value and known for their significance in history.


  1. The Hindu God Shiva- In Hinduism, the popular deity Shiva is considered to be one of the most dominant and revered Gods of India and has potent symbolic importance in archaeological discoveries. Known as the Destroyer in the Hindu religion trinity, Shiva includes two other popular Gods, Brahma and Vishnu. You can easily identify Shiva for His four arms that represent the four directions. It is surely a collector’s item for many people fond of ancient art.


Sadigh Gallery brings people these priceless artifacts on a large scale. All its collections are genuine and ideal for those who are interested in ancient art for collections and home décor. Every piece is authentic and is available with a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity for its customers.


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